Our CAMO organisation was born in 2008 to meet the needs related to the management of the continuing airworthiness of aircraft operated in the general aviation sector, in compliance with PART M European regulation.

Our Organisation, with approval no IT. MG.1012, manages its fleet by means of the software Leitner LTB400 and provides assistance in Italian, English and French.

Our personnel's competence and consolidated experience ensure compliance with high safety standards  and an accurate maintenance scheduling, as well as the correct management of technical documentation.

Moreover, we have the privilege to issue and extend the Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) and we can make recommendations for the aicraft that are not directly managed by our CAMO.

Upon request, we can prepare and update maintenance schedules.

Our CAMO is also approved by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority.  

To contact our CAMO, please call the following no: +39 0461 949987

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