Our technical performance is characterized by a very high level of professionalism and quality, which over the years has led us to become a reference point for Airbus Helicopters helicopter operators in Italy, up to being recognized as a Service Station as early as 1990. As a Part 145 approved maintenance company and as a Service Station of the parent companies, we are qualified to offer basic and line maintenance activities on: HELICOPTERS: Ecureuil AS350 and AS355 series - H125 Dauphin AS365N3 Dauphin AS365N Dauphin AS365N1 - AS365N2 Dauphin AS365C series EC155 series - H155 AS315B blade Alouette AS316B - AS316C Alouette AS319 BK117 A / B BK117C1 BK117C2 BK117D2 - H145 EC130 - H130 EC135 series BO105 series Hummingbird EC120 - H120 Super Puma AS332 ENGINES: ARRIEL1 ARRIEL2 ARRIUS1 series ARRIUS2 series ARRIUS2F ARTOUSTEIII COMPONENTS: C4 DOORS - DOORS C5 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM AND LIGHTS C6 EQUIPMENT C7 APU ENGINE C10 HELICOPTER ROTOR C11 HELICOPTER TRANSMISSION C12 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM C13 SYSTEM OF INDICATION - REGISTRATION We also provide technical and logistical assistance on Safran H.E. installed on Sikorsky and Leonardo helicopters and we can carry out maintenance activities on Rolls-Royce250-C20 engines. We are the only ones in Italy to perform level 3 inspections on Safran H.E. and to be qualified to carry out all basic maintenance planned on Airbus Helicopters products, including structural work on the airframe (I + approval) Our maintenance company is also recognized by the authorities of Bermuda and Turkey and, over the years, we have obtained recognition from other authorities of non-European states. Among other activities, we provide:
  • complete avionic inspections, anemobarometric tests and altimeter control activities in accordance with the FAR43 standard;
  • Kannad type ELT programming;
  • data download and analysis of CVR and CVFDR systems;
  • we inspect floats and complete mechanical assemblies;
  • assistance for the transport of helicopters by sea / air;
  • special equipment rental service;
  • execution of pre-buy inspections at the request of customers who intend to purchase used aircraft;
  • our technicians are ready to assist you throughout the national and international territory.
We also carry out refurbishment and preparation of customized interiors and avionic reconfiguration in collaboration with our DOA structure and we actively collaborate with the CAMO structure for the resolution of any inconvenience on the helicopters under management.
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