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La Società Helicopters Italia nasce nel 1981 per l'iniziativa della Società Aersud Elicotteri che costituisce al proprio interno una struttura tecnico-logistica per rispondere alle esigenze degli Operatori di elicotteri Aérospatiale presenti in Italia.


  • Birth of Helicopters Italia with a logistics and technical structure to answer the needs of Helicopter's operators in italy.

  • Helicopters Italia obtained the authorization of the French Bureau Veritas Authority (French Air Force) to make maintenance and overhaul on helicopters registered in France.

  • Helicopters Italia obtained the approval nr. RAI-036, in according with European JAR-145, to provide helicopter's maintenance

  • Helicopters Italia obtained the approval nr. 42873 for its Quality System in accordance with regulation EN ISO 9002: 1994 certification by Bureau Veritas Quality International.

  • Helicopters Italia obtained the EASA approval no. IT.145.0036 in according with European PART - 145.

  • New hangar In Trento airport

  • Helicopters Italia obtained the approval of EASA Design Organization which nr. EASE.21J.445 in accordance with Part 21, Section A, Subpart J.

  • Aersud Elicotteri and Helicopters Italia are now subsidiaries of Airbus Helicopters and are fully integrated members of the Airbus Helicopters global network of customer centres.

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