Helicopters Italy, besides being Maintenance Company in accordance with Regulation EASA PART - 145, is the only organization to possess the following awards:
"Airbus Helicopters Service station" for :
  • As350 and As355 series
  • As365 series
  • Ec1155
  • Ec 130
  • Ec 135
  • Ec 120
  • Bo 105
  • Bk 117
  • Lama
  • Alouette
  "Turbomeca Service Station"  for
  • Arriel 1  & 2 series engines
  • Arrius 1 & 2 Series engines
  • Artouste e Astazou
With regard to Turbomeca's engines, Italy Helicopters provides technical assistance / logistics to the thrusters installed on Sikorsky and Agusta helicopters. The main base of Helicopters Italia is located on the airport of Trento in the north of  Italy. Helicopters Italia also provides  permanent technical bases in various parts of Italy, including the main one in Rome on the helipad of Ponte Galeria.  
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